Professional Wedding Photographer In Berkshire

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of decisions, and choosing your wedding photographer can be one of those, “Where do I start?!” moments. Well, I’ve got your back. Start by finding someone with whom you feel comfortable and feel a connection. I am the wedding photographer who will feel like another friend on your big day, who you can trust to be honest with you, and be there for you through all of the madness. You might be thinking, “My wedding won’t have any madness,” but there always is, and it will be absolutely beautiful because it’s your madness! If it was perfect, it wouldn’t be as much fun, I promise.


Every single detail of your wedding day is super important, and I am honored to be entrusted to capture them in a candid way. You might even forget I’m there, and that’s pretty much my goal. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here capturing emotional moments and artistic details.